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  • 92 Self Care Ideas That Everyone Should Try

    Do you ever feel overwhelmed with work or like you’re nonstop going and going? Maybe you’ve got a huge meeting coming up with your boss, but also have the kids’ dance recitals and soccer practices to attend. Whatever the case, everyone needs a little self care every once and a while.When it comes to self care, there are five main areas to focus on: mental, ...
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  • 9 Beer Float Ideas for the Perfect Summer Treat

    If you need a new favorite summer treat, we have one that you will not be able to resist. Beer and ice cream are two things one craves on a hot summer day. So why not put them together? But before you go out and grab just any beer and any ice cream, learn?what pairs well!How To Make a Beer FloatMaking a beer float is just as easy as making a root beer float, only this is jus...
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  • How To Wrap A Gift in 5 Simple Steps

    With so many parties, anniversaries, weddings and other festivities, gifts are always needed. Whether youre just looking for styling ideas or if you are wondering how to wrap a gift for the very first time, weve got you covered! Wrapping a gift is easy — just follow these simple steps.To start, you will need wrapping paper, tape and scissors. If you want to add a bow a...
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  • How To Build The Perfect Charcuterie Board

    Charcuterie (shar-koo-tuh-ree) is a fun word to say, but what is it?Charcuterie are prepared meats such as bacon, ham, p?t, sausage and salami. Beautifully prepared charcuterie boards are popular at parties because they give the guest a chance to build their own appetizers. These meats are usually paired with cheeses, olives, breads and jams. If you are wondering how to buil...
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  • DIY Photo Backdrops for the Ultimate Party

    If youve attended a party recently, chances are that you took a photo or two. You may have even hopped in a photo booth to snap some shots. These trendy party accessories are just as fun as they are functional, but can cost a pretty penny.There are plenty of ways to put your own spin on the classic party photo booth without spending a ton of time or money! If youre looking f...
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  • How to Build Your Own Bruschetta Bar

    If youre hosting a party, youre probably worried about what food to serve that wont leave your guests hungry. Thats why bruschetta, makes for the perfect finger food for your next party. Its more filling than cheese and crackers, but still isnt as formal as a dinner party and requires far less preparation.Though typical bruschetta just has tomatoes and olive oil, you can set...
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