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  • 15 Must-Know Bridal Shower Gift Etiquette Tips

    The origins of bridal showers can be traced back to the story of a young Dutch girl whose father refused to pay her dowry to a poor miller. The villagers came together to shower the couple with gifts and goods necessary to set up a new household. Today, some couples have already accumulated the necessary items, but the tradition is still going strong. Its a lovely way to hel...
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  • 30 Something Old, Something New Ideas For Every Bride

    “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”Youve likely heard this phrase before, but its origins may be far less familiar. The tradition comes from an Old English rhyme and each object is meant to be a token of good luck for the bride. The final token mentioned in the original poem is a sixpence in your shoe and represents a wish for pros...
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  • 11 Wedding Gift Table Ideas and Tips

    When it comes to gifts, it truly is better to give than to receive. On your wedding day, however, expect to be showered with gifts. Take this chance to showcase your wedding decor skills with these wedding gift table ideas!Deciding where to place the gift table can be a struggle. You can place your wedding gift table in the lobby near the guestbook, or near the sweetheart ta...
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  • Wedding Registry Checklist

    Getting married marks a new chapter in your relationship. Even if you and your partner have been together for years, marriage is a new, exciting milestone! To start your new life together off right, make sure you register for all the essentials. Our wedding registry checklist will help you add all the necessities to your registry, and a few fun items too!KitchenCookwareHand ...
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  • 18 Wedding Card Box Ideas For The Big Day

    After a long day of dancing and celebrating, a new spouse isnt the only thing youll be taking home! Many guests will bring gifts in all shapes and sizes, including cards. An easy way to keep your cards organized is with a wedding card box on your gift table or in another easy-to-locate place.A wedding card box can be a plain box decorated to match your theme or a unique case...
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