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  • 101 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    If youve been to a baby shower, youll know that the best part about it (aside from the happy mother-to-be) are the baby shower gifts! These can range from baby essentials such as diapers and bibs to cute baby outfits that will have the whole room saying awwwww.If you are looking for the best baby gift, we have compiled 101 that will make your loved ones life a lot easier whe...
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  • Baby Shower Gift Etiquette and Tips

    First, it was the season of weddings. You danced your way through all of them and had a blast. You picked out the perfect engagement, bridal shower and wedding gifts. Then, quickly a new season had begun: baby showers.A gift is expected if you attend a baby shower, but gift-giving can be a headache. How much should you spend on a baby shower gift? What should you buy? This c...
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