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101 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

April 06, 2019

If youve been to a baby shower, youll know that the best part about it (aside from the happy mother-to-be) are the baby shower gifts! These can range from baby essentials such as diapers and bibs to cute baby outfits that will have the whole room saying awwwww.

If you are looking for the best baby gift, we have compiled 101 that will make your loved ones life a lot easier when welcoming her little bundle of joy.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas by Gifts.com

Welcome Home Set

Your little bundle of joy will need warmness to come home in. A welcome set is one less thing mom has to stress about when preparing her hospital bag.


A great way to wrap your baby to help them feel safe and secure.

Baby Book

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Baby Book

A mother's soothing voice helps a baby either fall asleep or wake up happy.


Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Nightlight

Whether comforting a child who's afraid of the dark or checking on baby after they fall asleep, this foxy nightlight is a must have in any nursery.

Thermometer Kit

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Thermometer Kit

A thermometer is always handy when you hear first signs of a sniffle, so bring it along wherever you go!

Baby Blocks

Playing blocks with your baby will have huge benefits on many aspects of their development.


Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Bibs

Your little sweetheart will look even more adorable in these embroidered bibs.

Cotton Blanket

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Cotton Blanket

Wrap your baby up an ultra soft cotton blanket, great for any season.

Crib Mobile

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Crib Mobile

Baby's room is never complete without a mobile for a good night's sleep.

Quilted Blanket

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Quilted Blanket

A colorful hand quilted blanket is a great accessory to any room.

Baby Moccasins

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Baby Moccasins

You can't be the only one in style! Baby moccassins are perfect for the littletrend setter to be.


New moms need LOTS of these. The average baby needs their onesies changes about 2-5 times a day.


Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Robe

A cozy and comfy shark robe is needed after coming out of a bath. Their little shark will thank you for it.

Princess Castle Bank

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Princess Castle Bank

Teach the princess to save for all those fancy ballgowns with the princess castle bank.

Large Stuffed Animal

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Large Stuffed Animal

Ultra soft and ready to play or even cuddle! This stuffed animal is a sure favorite with little ones.

Pacifier Set

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Pacifier Set

If you need help calming or soothing your baby in between feedings, a pacifier might be a new mom's new best friend.

Bean Bag

Create the perfect play room for your baby with a comfortable bean bag chair.


Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Stroller

Strollers are essential for navigating around town with a new baby.

Car Seat

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Car Seat

A crucial piece of safety gear for a mom's most precious cargo.

Baby Blender

Making homemade baby food just got easier with baby blenders. Get all those baby food recipes ready!

Baby Bowl Set

Feeding baby is part of the every day routine. Cute and colorful bowls make feeding time more fun!

Changing Mat

Every diaper bags needs a changing mat to keep a baby safe and comfortable while changing on the go.

Bottle Warmer

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Bottle Warmer

A simple way of serving your baby their bottle at just the temperature.

Personalized Storybook

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Personalized Storybook

This personalized storybook will contain their first and last name, complete with an animal kingdom to welcome the new baby!

Outlet Protectors

An essential when baby proofing a home.

Diaper Bag

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Diaper Bag

A perfectly practical bag for any mom who is out and about with their new baby.

Baby Socks

Help keep even the tiniest of toes warm.

Baby Lotion Kit

Soothe and help restore the baby's most delicate skin.

Receiving Blanket

The first time a mother holds her baby is so memorable. Keep the little bundle warm with a soft receiving blanket.

Diaper Pail

Keep the baby's nursery smelling baby fresh with a durable diaper pail.

Baby Sling

Keep baby close and mom's hands free!

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors offer parent's peace of mind where their baby is resting. Can be kept in any room in the house.

High Chair

Meal time with the family is important and having a high chair for the baby let's them join in on the quality time.


Whether swinging the bundle of joy to sleep or spending time entertaining, a baby will appreciate this essential piece of gear!

Medical Cabinet Supplies

You can never be over prepared for an emergency. Diaper rash, pain reliever, antibacterial and a bulb syringe are a must for every new mom.


Does the family live in a dry climate? Help combat dry air, allergies and possible congestion for the baby with a humidifier.


Make bath time safe and fun with a specialized and comfy tub.

Filled With Love Pillow

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Filled With Love Pillow

This filled with love pillow is a wonderful keepsake for the baby's room. Include a picture of mom and dad, so their baby always feels safe.

Baby Towel Set

Post bath, for bundling and drying, a cozy towel is key!

Teething Ring

Teething rings help soothe pain while also promoting healthy gums and tooth growth for the little biter.

Rattle Gift Set

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Rattle Gift Set

Entertain the little one with one of the oldest toys in the books. Rattles guarantee hours of fun for both baby and parents alike.

Children's Scrubs

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Children'S Scrubs

Is there a doctor in the house? Now there is! A good reminder of the wonderful people who helped deliver baby.

Cloth Diapers And Pins

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Cloth Diapers And Pins

Reusable and eco friendly! They come in fun colors and patterns.

Bottle Brushes

Cleaning baby's bottles is a task, but brushes make cleaning quick and thorough.

Burp Cloths

Everyday essentials for those big messes made by mom's little love.

Bottle Drying Rack

A quick cleaning solution that makes bottles and all of baby's other essentials easily accessible after drying.

Sippy Cups

No more spills! Rest assured the baby can drink like a big kid with these handy cups.

Shampoo Or Body Wash

Gentle, soothing and will leave baby's skin soft and refreshed. Make sure you check the label for any harsh chemicals.


Keep the family's littlest member warm and cozy for bedtime.


One thing is certain, the baby will need to change outfits a few times a day. Make little or big messes easier on mom.

Knitted Bunny Hat

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Knitted Bunny Hat

Cute overload! Whether for an Easter gathering or a normal day out, the baby will get all the looks with this adorable knitted bunny hat.


Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Mittens

On the colder days, mom will need to keep tiny hands warm.

White Noise Machine

Baby will be asleep in no time with these soothing sounds. Dreamland in 3-2-1...

Crib Sheets

Baby bedding essentials! Fitted crib sheets that will help the baby get comfortable for a long night's sleep.

Childproofing Products

Baby proofing a home for a family's new arrival is important. These product can help you be prepared and keep everyone safe!

Elf Bodysuit

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Elf Bodysuit

A new helper is coming to town! This littlest elf bodysuit is a requirement for Christmas cheer.

Cotton Pants

100% cotton, soft and durable pants for the little tyke on the go.

Baby Bracelet

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Baby Bracelet

Welcome any new addition with a beautifully engraved baby bracelet. A perfect keepsake.

Animal Blanket

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Animal Blanket

A loveable plush animal blanket that can be cuddled, rolled up and used as a pillow. A little one's favorite cuddle buddy.

Brush Set

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Brush Set

A natural brush set made perfectly to help your baby's locks from tangling. Gentle and soft while also adding shine to the rockstar's hair.

Keepsake Kit

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Keepsake Kit

Nothing more precious than capturing the memories of a baby's first year. A keepsake kit complete with all the supplies to artfully display their magical moments.


Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Playmat

Give the baby a safe place to roll, play or lounge around with this playful playmat.

Baby Bible

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Baby Bible

A perfect introduction to important faith teachings with this baby bible. Keep the word of God close to a baby's heart.

Music Box

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Music Box

Mommy will rock her baby to sleep with the soothing tunes from this music box. Beautiful sounds for an even more beautiful full night's sleep.

Musical Globe

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Musical Globe

If mom is dreaming of her little one being a ballerina when she grows up, this is the perfect gift. A musical globe complete with an enchanting ballerina surrounded in glitter.

Snack Cup

Baby Shower Gift Idea by Gifts.com - Snack Cup

The perfect snack cup for kids on the go!

Milestone Stickers