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Gifts For Couples

  • How much do people actually spend on wedding gifts?

    If it feels like perpetual wedding season for you, you are not alone. Although weddings are romantic, fun and beautiful, they also mean wedding gifts. The truth is that when it comes to buying a wedding gift, it can get a bit confusing. ?How much should you spend on a wedding gift? Does traveling mean you spend less on the gift? What about if you bring a plus one?Responses m...
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  • Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

    Whiskey is the drink that legends are made of. Its roots date back to the 15th century, when Europeans used this distilled spirit for medicinal purposes. Depending on the region, malted barley or grains like wheat, rye or corn were distilled in copper stills, then aged in wooden casks. As the practice spread, whiskey never tasted betterand the drink became less medicinal and...
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  • 13 Traditional Housewarming Gifts + Gift Tag Printables

    In medieval times, neighbors would help get a family settled in their new abode by warming the new home. This meant bringing firewood as a gift and building fires in all the available fireplaces. They also believed this practice would ward off evil spirits. While there is no longer a need to bring firewood, it can be charming to recall the original spirit of housewarming wit...
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