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Yes, You Can Make Your Thanksgiving in an Instant (Pot)

August 21, 2019

No one loves her Instant Pot more than you do. No one.

Well, it’s time to prove it, up the ante, and host an electrifying (er, electric pressure-cooked) Thanksgiving. Because you can make Thanksgiving in an IP. Or, preferably, numerous IPs. Say, five. If you’re doing Friendsgiving, even better: Have one buddy whip up our outrageously good pumpkin cheesecake (a dish at its Platonic ideal when made in the pressure cooker). Have another tackle focaccia stuffing, which we make really easy for you. Another can do the killer mac ‘n cheese and maybe the butternut squash soup. You? You’ll be doing the turkey. That’s right. In your Instant Pot.

Shake it off: This can be more than just a dream. Make it a realityor, you know, be smart and use your IP for at least one of your dishes by checking out our cooks’ helper starters for the big day. Because if Thanksgiving 2019 could use one quality, it’s a little more ease and a little more relaxing. You’re welcome.

1. Focaccia Stuffing, Butternut Squash Soup and Ultimate Mac and Cheese

Stuffing that cooks in six minutes? Yes, you can. Snap that upit’s based on our most popular stuffing recipesalong with a killer butternut squash soup and a to-die-for cheddar-blue cheese mac and cheese. We packaged these as a trio so you can choose your own adventure when deciding what your T Day needs most. Not hosting, just contributing? No one needs to know you didn’t spend ages shredding the aged cheddar and unctuous blue cheese for the mac, or hours chopping and roasting squash. Keep it a secret.

2. Mashed Potato Starter

Have you heard the hype about mashed potatoes in the IP yet? It’s true: It is a super-simple way to make them creamy, evenly cooked and easily mashed. Let us save you the step of dolloping, mincing and hunting around for the pepper grinder. Here’s a seasoning kit of everything you need for dreamboat spuds.

3. Pumpkin Cheesecake

As is true of mashed potatoes, cheesecake is the surprise hero of the electric pressure cooker Renaissance. Because of its ability to cook evenly and with precision, the IP turns out one knockout cheesecake after another. This one is flavored with real pumpkin, Bourbon vanilla, brown sugar, and cider house spices. All you need to do is add dairy, and the whole thing is ready before you have time to sweetly ask, “Now who’s doing the dishes this year?”

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