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The Anatomy of a Perfect Coffee Capsule

August 01, 2019

If you’re mornings don’t really begin until that first sip of coffee, well, we have news for you.

Our new coffee capsules bring the convenience of coffee-shop quality into your home. With 100% Fair Trade Certified ? Coffee and packed for optimum freshness in 100% recyclable aluminum packaging, our new coffee capsules reflect our commitment to exceptional quality, sustainability and global community.

Bonus: The price of our capsules is 0.79 cents for a cup of coffee-house worthy flavor.

100% Fair Trade Certified ? Coffee

Using?100% Fair Trade Certified ? Coffee was important to us when developing the coffee capsules. By choosing?Fair Trade Certified ? Coffee, we knew that the beans would be grown using Fairtrade Standards, which ensure that farmers get a fair wage to help them both protect the environment and benefit the communities they’re working in.

An Easy to Read Color-Coded System

Because we know what our customers love, we developed five delicious blends plus decaf, including strengths and flavors to suit every taste. With smooth coffee-house flavor in every capsule, there’s something for everyone.

If you like a lighter blend, try our Lungo which has a delicate nutty aroma, or our Vanilla, which is full-bodied but sweet and creamy. If you prefer a darker, richer cup, try Intenso or Ristretto or our Cremoso, which is perfect for making lattes or cappuccinos at home.

Each set of capsules is color-coded for easy recognition and organization. If Decaf is your thing, look for the red capsules. If you require caffeine in your coffee, look for blue for Intenso, green for Lingo, gold for Vanilla, brown for Cremoso, and black for Ristretto. The thin sleeves can be easily stacked in a cabinet near your coffee maker with the colors making for quick and easy identification.

Made From 100% Recyclable Aluminum

Packed for optimum freshness, the capsules are 100% recyclable aluminum.

Super Convenient Storage

Packed in thin sleeves of 10 coffee capsules, they can be stored easily in a cabinet for convenient color-coded retrieval. The packaging has also been designed to keep the coffee inside fresh for up to two years, making it a great option for stocking up in your vacation or weekend home.

Learn even more about our new Coffee Capsules:

Shop the Coffee Capsule Collection at Williams Sonoma here.