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The 55 Best Valentine Gifts for Him

May 08, 2019

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give your man a gift, but what if you don’t know what to get him? We know that finding a romantic gift for him can be tricky, so we’re here to help!

Whether your guy is athletic or techie, a family man or a total foodie, we’ve curated the perfect gift for him. Simply choose his personality type and the amount you want to spend, and our generator will give you Valentine’s Day gift ideas that he’s sure to love.


Terry Robe

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Men's 5 Star Terry Robe

Make this soft robe part of a romantic home spa day, complete with massage!

Bottle Opener

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Established Wood Bottle Opener

Customize this cool beer opener with a pet name you two share.

Canvas Leather Travel Cord and Case

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Canvas Leather Travel Cord and Case

This canvas case keeps his cords out of knots. Add a cheeky note that says "I'm tangled up in you."

Organic Snacks Gift Box

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Organic Snacks Gift Box

If the fastest way to his heart is through his stomach, this snack box will leave him starry-eyed.

Carved Heart Art Canvas

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Carved Heart Art Canvas

Recapture that youthful puppy love feeling with this art piece.

Gourmet Popcorn

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - 1 Gallon Classic Popcorn Duo

Gourmet popcorn + rom-com + red wine = the ultimate Valentine's movie night!

Keep it Chill Stemless Wine Set

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Keep it Chill Stemless Wine Set

Use these high-tech wine glasses for a flirty night in.

Travel Destination Maps

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Travel Destination Maps

This custom map set comes with pins to plan his travels. Use them to plot your next romantic getaway!

Simply Beer Snacks Basket

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Simply Beer Snacks Basket

Gift this snack set with bags of candy hearts. The perfect Valentine's treat!

Monogram Wooden Watch

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Monogram Wooden Watch

Give him this classy watch with a note that says you'll adore him 'till the end of time.

NFL Sports Love Wood Wall Plaque

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - NFL Sports Love Wood Wall Plaque

Say I love you in the language he speaks best: football. Bonus points if you follow up with a flirty backyard game!

6 Months of Plants

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - 6 Months of Plants

Let these plants be a symbol of your always-growing love.

His and Hers Pillowcases

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Always Kiss Me Goodnight Pillowcases

Show him you love nights in together with this cozy pillowcase set.

Picnic Backpack

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Happy Couple Picnic Backpack

Taking him on a Valentine's picnic? Make it even more magical with this couple's backpack.

Personalized Map Pin Wall Art

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Personalized Map Pin Wall Art

Commemorate the spot you first kissed with this custom map pin. So cute!

Personalized Hometown Puzzle

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Personalized Hometown Puzzle

Long distance valentine? This puzzle will make him feel close to home. Tip: Write sweet nothings on the back of each piece.

Monogram Artisan Candle

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Monogram Artisan Candle

These monogram candles have serious romantic dinner vibes. Use them for a date night in.

Beer Mug

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Sports Fan Oversized Beer Mug

This sports fan mug will appeal to his rugged side, but that doesn't mean it can't be romantic! Fill it with candy hearts before giving it to him.

Mr. and Mrs. Mug Set

Gift Idea for Him by Gifts.com - Mr. and Mrs. Black Mug Set

If your valentine is also your husband, gift him this sweet mug set. Plan a flirty coffee date to go with it!

Shaving Kit

A note that says " you clean up well, valentine" adds flirt factor.

A warm scarf

If you know how to sew, stich a sweet sentiment into the corner of this toasty gift.

A weekend away

A B&B in the countryside will always be an enchanting choice.

Gourmet chocolates

Give him a box of chocolates, but remind him that he's sweet already!


Nothing's as sexy as a guy who smells great. Cologne will always be a romantic gift!


Get your valentine a pair of shades and tell him he's the apple of your eye!


Get your traveling man a nice suitcase. Fill it with love notes & candy.

Framed Photo

He'll love a cute picture of you two. Write a sweet inscription on the back to make it special.

A heartfelt letter

Hide a lovey-dovey letter somewhere he won't expect it!

Dinner at a nice restaurant

Make your night out flirty and over the top by buying him a boutonnire.

A gift card for his daily grind

Sneak a gift card for his favorite cafe in his wallet. Attach a heart shaped sticky note that says "I love you a latte!"

Tickets to a concert

Get him concert tix. Promise that you'll slow dance with him on the accoustic songs.

A bottle of champagne

Champagne makes for a passionate night. Tie it with a red bow to up the flirt factor.

New sports gear

Your athletic guy will adore new gear. Spritz it with your perfume so he always thinks of you.

Art supplies

Buy your artsy man craft supplies. Use them to make each other handmade valentines!

Beer making kit

Get your beer lover a cool kit. Cook a candlelight dinner to go with his homemade libations.


Give him something comfy to crash in: perfect for your rom-com and cuddle sesh.

Personalized passport holder

Make this classy gift heart-worthy with an affectionate inscription.

Board game

Why not bond over a classic board game? Play with a bottle of wine and see where the night takes you.


Make sure there's a romantic playlist to go with this classic guy gift!

Running Shoes

Put a note on the shoe box that says "you've been running through my mind!"

Camping Trip

Take your valentine on a picturesque camping trip. Make it clear that you'll be cuddling by the fire.


Gift him a quality camera. Create a gallery of your loveliest couple photos!


Get him a book on his favorite subject. Slip a love poem between the pages and wait for him to find it.

Sports memorabilia

Matching couples jerseys are a total touchdown.

BBQ tools

Get your foodie new BBQ supplies. While he grills, set up a romantic spot to eat under the stars.


Get your love a stylish new hat. Take him on a romantic night out to show it off.


Gift him a good quality wallet, but don't forget to sneak a love note inside!


Gift him top-shelf liquor tied with a velvet bow. Follow up with a flirty drinking game!

A cooking class

Buy a cooking class for you and your valentine, then go home and make a candlelight meal.

Gardening tools

If your love is into gardening, make sure he has the best tools. Gift them with a bouquet of roses to make it sweet.


Show your love by bringing him donuts. Pink frosting and red sprinkles required!

A photo quilt

Cozy up your man's cave with a quilt of cute couple pics.

Army Knife

An army knife is a classic guy gift. Have it engraved with a sweet saying to make it Valentines-worthy.

Custom candy hearts

Personalize candy hearts with his name. Slip them in his coat pocket to find on Valentine's morning.

Video game

Instead of movie night, make it a romantic video game night. Don't forget the wine and chocolate!

Now that youve found the perfect personalized Valentine’s gifts for him, its time to think about the ladies in your life. If you need some inspiration on what to bring to your Galentine’s Day celebration,?browse our gifts for her?or head to our romantic gifts for her generator for inspiration. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!