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Our Favorite Recipes from Chuck Williams

March 23, 2019

Today we're missing of our founder, Chuck Williams, who would've turned 104 on this day. Though he died in 2015 at the age of 100, his love for great food and hospitality, his deep appreciation for quality products, his eye-opening recipes, and most of all, his kindness continue to live on with us.

Remember him with us by learning more about his story and making one of his recipes below.


Madeleine pans were among the first baking pans that Chuck Williams brought to America in the late 1950s, and they were the most popular items for a year or two in his store.

Chuck’s Glazed Carrots

In this update on a classic carrot dish, the root vegetables are first cooked in a pan with butter and water, then glazed in?a coating of sweet-sour brown sugar and balsamic vinegar, a product that Chuck Williams introduced to cooks in the United States in 1977.

Clams Algarve

In the late seventies, Chuck began traveling to Portugal, where he visited a restaurant north of Lisbon that specialized in seafood dishes from the province of Algarve in southern Portugal. The waiter brought to the table a cataplana, a hinged copper cooking vessel shaped like a clamshell. Later he discovered this easy way to cook clams in a cataplana, but a heavy saucepan or Dutch oven works just as well.


Chuck was always eager to learn from other chefs and home cooks. His favorite basic scone recipe was one handed down to him from the late Judy Rodgers, chef and co-owner of Zuni Caf in San Francisco. Over the years, it became part of our recipe archive in different from, from a crystallized ginger scone to an orange-currant version.