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Open Fridge: Inside Holistic Health Guru Alison Wu’s Fridge

April 23, 2019

With a focus on healthy recipes, self-care and total body wellness, holistic health guru Alison Wu of the blog, Wu Haus, is perhaps most known for her gorgeous Instagram-buzzy multi-colored smoothies.?She opened up her fridge to us, to share how she shops, what her favorite staples are, and the secret to making the freshest smoothies ever.

1. Shop More Often

I'm one of those people that goes to the grocery store every couple days rather than doing a big shop at the beginning of the week. I feel overwhelmed if my refrigerator is too packed, so I prefer to shop more often so I can keep better tabs on what's in my fridge. I also have a SMEG refrigerator, which because of its size requires me to be particular about how it's stocked and organized.?

I typically buy fish and meat the day I'm going to make it, so I don't usually have that on hand, but I'll often have a glass container or two of leftovers from the previous evening's dinner.

2. Pantry Staples in the Fridge

Since I work with food, I'm constantly shopping for the freshest produce I can find. In the spring, summer and fall, I'm part of a weekly CSA. I get a small share of fruits and veggies and then I fill in the rest by taking weekly trips to the Saturday Farmers Market. My produce draw is almost always overflowing with fresh fruits and veg. I keep pretty much every variety of bulk nut and seed on hand. I like to store my nuts and seeds in the fridge to keep them fresher for longer. Storing my matcha in the fridge once opened helps preserves the flavor.

I prefer to shop more often so I can keep better tabs on what’s in my fridge.”

3. Smoothie and Spread Ingredients

Some other items I always have in my fridge to use for smoothies or breakfast bowls bee pollen, hemp seeds, flax seeds, spirulina, coconut yogurt, nut milk and medjool dates. I usually have a couple varieties of kraut or kimchi, hummus, non-dairy cheese and other homemade dips/spreads like pumpkin seed pesto and sunflower seed pate.

4. A Variety of Favorite Condiments

My favorite condiments are mustard (stone ground and dijon) and hot sauce, so I usually always have a couple varieties of each on hand. I keep a loaf of gluten-free or grain-free bread around for making toasts or sandwiches. I also usually have cassava flour tortillas for taco making.?

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