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How to Make Ebelskivers, the Danish Filled Pancakes of Your Dreams

April 01, 2019

?bleskiver (in its?singular form:??bleskive) are traditional, spherical Danish pancakes. It’s often spelled English as aebleskiver, ebleskiver, or ebelskiver. They have a pancake-like exterior with a lighter, fluffier interior and are often filled with jam.

To make them, use the?Nordic Ware Ebelskiver Filled-Pancake Pan. And for the batter, you can use a?Ebelskiver Pancake Mix or follow a traditional recipe for jam-filled pancakes. You may want to test a batch or two until you feel comfortable making them. Read on for steps, tips and tricks, and more recipes:

1. Using the pan is pretty simple. The nonstick coating prevents the pancakes from sticking to the cooking surface. However, it never hurts to spray the wells with a little non-stick cooking spray to ensure an easier release.

2. Heat the pan on medium heat. Anything higher and you’ll start to scorch the ebelskiver. The riveted cast-stainless-steel handle stays cool to the touch. If you’re making plain ebelskiver, fill each well about two-thirds full. Using barbecue skewers or turning tools, rotate the pancakes until golden and crispy.

3. There are two main ways to add filling to the ebelskiver: you can add the filling on the stovetop, or by using a pastry bag after cooking. On the stovetop, fill the well about half full, add your filling and top with a little extra batter. Using a pastry bag, you pierce one side of the pancake and pipe the filling into the center.

4. The fun thing about ebelskivers is the variety of fillings you can add to them. Some go-to favorites are nutella and spiced apple. Others are lemon curd or blueberry compote.

Tips & Tricks

Add the batter to the pan in an organized fashion. Work your way around the pan, filling the wells clockwise.Use the same clockwise pattern for filling and flipping. This will ensure that your ebelskivers are evenly cooked.Look for small bubbles rising from the centers of the pancakes. This ensures the ebelskivers are ready to be flipped.Don’t worry if there’s still liquid batter in the middle of the pancake! It will ooze into the bottom of the pan and will adhere to the rest of the pancake.Be sure to let the filled pancakes cool slightly before eating!

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