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Here Are 10 of Our Best Wedding Registry Gift Picks

September 30, 2019

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! You must be so happy … so in love … so stressed out! Planning a wedding can be brutal (Do those forks clash with the dinner plates? Do you want chocolate cake or something more surprising? Do you even want a cake at all?) and just setting up your registry which is supposed to be fun can be tough. How do you know what to ask for? This list should help. Here are 10 of our best registry gifts for you to put on your list.

Not getting married? You can use this list as a guide to pick out the perfect gift for any happy couples who’ve invited you to be part of their big day.

1. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, $280

Getting your KitchenAid stand mixer for your wedding or bridal shower is practically a tradition these days. Get engaged, get a KitchenAid mixer. It’s that simple. The Artisan is powerful and big enough for most home cooks and we carry it in 31 different colors. If you want something even more special, we also have the limited-edition stand mixers (in Misty Blue and Passion Red), which came out to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary.

2. Staub Cast-Iron Round Wide Cocotte, $280

Dutch ovens are right up there with stand mixers when it comes to iconic wedding gifts. Although there are a few sizes and shapes on the market, the round 6-quart option is best for anyone just starting out, as it’ll fit most recipes and sit well on your stovetop’s burners.

3. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star 3-Piece Knife Set, $200

The old superstition was that it was bad luck to get knives for your wedding because they’d cut the ties between the couple, but trust us, there’s no real data to back that up. And you’ll be glad you got them 10 years from now, when you’re happily chopping away. Not only is this set made from a top brand, it includes the three most-used knives a chef’s knife, a serrated knife, and a paring knife.

4. Williams Sonoma Estate Cabernet Glasses, $150 for eight

You won’t be able to cheers each other on your anniversary if you don’t have wine glasses. This set is a total bargain for whomever buys it for you, and it comes with eight glasses, which means you’ll have enough for all those dinner parties that Married You wants to throw.

5. All-Clad d5 Stainless-Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set, $800

All-Clad is one of the best names in the cookware biz and the d5 line is the best from the brand. The 5 stands for the five layers of alternating aluminum and stainless steel, which results in cookware that heats way more evenly than other brands. Is even-tempered cookware a metaphor for your marriage? Maybe! This set includes 8- and 10-inch fry pans, 2- and 4-quart covered sauce pans, a 4-quart covered saut pan, and an 8-quart covered stockpot.

6. Peugeot Paris U Select Natural Pepper Mill, from $40

As a married couple, you’ll want to spice up your daily routine any way you can. A sturdy pepper mill made in France can help with the dinner part.

7. Harvard Stripe Oval Platter, $110

You’ll be amazed at how often you need a platter as a married home cook. While there are plenty of more colorful options on the market (and even in our stores), we suggest registering for something white and classic (like this one!) so that you never grow tired of it. You can ask to have it monogrammed for a little extra flare.

8. 6-Quart Instant Pot Duo Plus, $100

You’ve got to trust the masses, here: The Instant Pot is one of our most popular registry items. It’ll help you spend less time in the kitchen on busy weeknights, so that you have more time for, um, something else.

9. Williams Sonoma Goldtouch Nonstick 6-Piece Essentials Bakeware Set, $100

Get some quality bakeware and it’ll be with you ’till death do you part. (Anything else will warp over time or fail to evenly bake your cakes.) The pieces in this set have so much going for them, including commercial-grade aluminized steel, Goldtouch ceramic-based coating, a unique diamond-textured surface, and more.

10. Glass Mixing Bowls with Lids, $40 for set of three

A good set of mixing bowls will be key for when you want to, well, mix things up. And these are better than most because they come with lids, which allow you to mix and store things in the same vessel.

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