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Food News: Here’s What Oprah Would Want as Her Last Meal

October 04, 2019

Plus: Baby Shark cereal, the most popular fast food restaurant, and mustard-flavored ice cream.

The wise Oprah Winfrey said that her last meal on earth would be pasta, if she could choose.

Drum roll, please! The most popular fast food restaurant in the United States  is…Chick-fil-A! It dethroned West Coast darling In-N-Out. [Food & Wine]

Of course Kellogg's decided to create a Baby Shark cereal. It's a berry-flavored cereal and there's marshmallows (of course).

Cult-favorite ice cream brand, Coolhaus, has teamed up with French's to create mustard-flavored ice cream. Apparently it actually tastes pretty good?

Something might look different in the freezer aisle: Otter Pops just released a new colorless frozen treat. But don't worry, they taste the same as the colorful pops.

Sarah Jessica Parker, the one and only Carrie Bradshaw herself, is launching her own wine this fall in collaboration with Invivo Wines.