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Five Chef-Approved Ways to Top a Hot Dog

August 02, 2017

Just in time for hot dog season, we reached out to a few of our chefs in Williams Sonoma’s Chefs’ Collective who happen to share our passion for the American icon. Here are their favorite ways to top a hot dog.

Ashley Christensen, Chef and Proprietor, AC Restaurants in Raleigh, NC

Griddled hot dog + kewpie mayo + American cheese + diced dill pickles + diced tomatoes + cracked pepper

My favorite dog is a tribute to a hotdog sold at the Trolly Stop hot dog stand on Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. Originally called the Banks Channel hot dog, it has melted American cheese and mayo. In my version, we use Kewpie mayo, American cheese, diced dill pickles and tomatoes, and cracked pepper. – Ashley Christensen, Chef

Brandon Jew, Executive Chef and Owner, Mister Jiu's in San Francisco, CA

Poached beef hot dog + Sauerkraut + grilled scallions + Chinese hot mustard + Tallegio cheese. Served on a croissant bun.

Poaching a hot dog in beef stock allows for another infusion of flavor. I love this topping combination It's very rich, so having the tartness of sauerkraut to cut through is a classic Reuben sandwich trick. – Brandon Jew, Chef

Steven Satterfield, Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Miller Union in Atlanta, GA

Grilled hot dog + spicy mustard cooked down with a bit of dark beer + chopped celery leaf + quick pickled shaved fennel.

My favorite hot dog situation is a grilled dog on a pretzel bun, spicy mustard cooked down with dark beer, chopped celery leaf and shaved fennel that’s been lightly pickled scattered across the top. – Steven Satterfield, Chef

Joshua McFadden, Executive Chef/Owner, Ava Gene's and Founding Partner, Submarine Hospitality & Tusk in Portland, OR

Griddled hot dog + Garlicky white beans + Dijon mustard + breadcrumbs

Aside from a proper Chicago Dog, my favorite hot dog business is this riff on a cassoulet: A griddled dog topped with white beans cooked with plenty of garlic, a small amount of mustard and an epic amount of breadcrumbs. – Joshua McFadden, Chef

Katie Button, Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Crate Tapas Bar and Nightbell in Asheville, NC

Sauteed bell peppers + onions + fresh oregano + minced garlic

One way I like to serve hot dogs is to treat them like the classic Italian sausage and peppers dish. I saute up some sliced bell peppers and onion and finish it with a little beef stock and Marsala, cooking that down with a little fresh oregano and some minced garlic, then use that as my topping! – Katie Button, Chef

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