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  • 15 Gift Bag Wrapping Station Organization and Storage Ideas

    Tired of sorting through a tangled mess of ribbons, bows and scraps of paper every time you want to wrap a present? Want to add a personal touch to your gift, but unsure of where your personalized tags are? You can fix these problems by creating a space in your home where you can organize the chaos.A gift wrapping station is the perfect place to keep all the necessary suppli...
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  • How to Create the Ultimate DIY Popcorn Bar

    Popcorn is a special treat any time of the year. Whether it be a family movie night, Oscar party, or a birthday extravaganza, a popcorn bar is the perfect addition to any event. A popcorn bar is an inexpensive and delicious hit with any crowd. You can make a gourmet popcorn bar with an array of spices and toppings, or keep it simple with a few popcorn varieties and snacks.A ...
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  • 17 Fun Gift Card Wrapping Ideas

    Gift cards are a great gift to give someone because they guarantee your friend or family member can find something theyll love. However, since the cards are so small, coming up with gift card wrapping ideas can often be hard.Though you can easily give them in an envelope with a card or in a small gift bag, its often nice to do something creative that really shows you care. H...
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  • How To Make A Gift Bag Out Of Wrapping Paper In 4 Easy Steps

    Scrambling to wrap a gift but dont have a bag or a box? No problem!?You can learn how to make a gift bag out of wrapping paper in four simple steps. You probably even have the materials you need lying around the house. Let’s get started!What youll need:Wrapping paperTapeScissorsHole puncher (optional)Ribbon (optional)Step 1: Measure the width of your gift. Once you kno...
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  • 12 Simple Homemade Thank You Cards

    Many people today underestimate the value of giving or receiving a handmade thank you card. While sending a text or drafting a quick email to say thanks is appreciated, a homemade thank you note can be more heartfelt and special. Giving a handmade thank you note says that you went above and beyond to sit down and create a one-of-a-kind sentiment.However, in order to make a c...
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  • How to Clean Jewelry with Household Items

    Have you been avoiding cleaning your jewelry because of the cost?Well, you may be surprised that common household items can do a great job of making your jewels gleam and without any of harsh chemicals to worry about. Here are three easy methods to keep your pieces shining bright. ?Baking Soda, Aluminum and WaterTarnish transfers and sticks to aluminum foil, therefore making...
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