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A Day of Eating with Holistic Health Guru Alison Wu

May 26, 2019

With a focus on healthy recipes, self-care and total body wellness, holistic health guru Alison Wu of the blog, Wu Haus, is perhaps most known for her gorgeous multi-colored smoothies?and drool-worthy?Instagram feed. Want to know how the healthy blogger eats? Follow along to see what a day of eating looks like for her.


I usually start my day around 6:30 with a tall glass of water and either a bulletproof (with MCT oil) matcha latte made with coconut butter, a blend of adaptogens, cinnamon and a medjool date. If I'm not in the mood for matcha, I enjoy a warm mug of yerba mate made with loose leaf tea in my French press. I've tried the no caffeine thing, but it just never really works for me. I've kind of accepted that caffeine is my one vice. I do a high-intensity booty burning workout 3-4 days a week. I don't like to workout on a full stomach, so I wait until after that to eat breakfast.


For breakfast, I usually eat some version of a gluten- or grain-free avocado toast, a yogurt bowl or a smoothie. My favorite toast usually includes half an avocado (healthy fat), greens (minerals) and fermented salsa (to support a healthy gut). I love adding a topping of seeds, nuts and spices on top for added flavor and crunch. My smoothies vary greatly based on my mood, but often include banana or steamed then chilled cauliflower, nut milk, chia, collagen peptides and some berries and/or greens.


Lunch is usually a salad bowl of some sort. This is the time when I try to pack in as many greens and/or raw veggies as I can. I usually start with a? kale or spinach base and throw in some arugula and/or radicchio or other bitter greens. I also love including cooked veggies during the winter, so I'll roast some greens, seasonal squash and/or romanesco or cauliflower. I love to add spicy roasted chickpeas to my lunch for a bit of flavor and substance. If I'm not doing legumes, I might add some shredded roasted chicken, as well as a few crumbles of my favorite nut cheese. My go-to dressings are either tahini-lemon-olive oil, sometimes with za'atar to mix it up, or a simple mustard vinaigrette with lots of lemon juice for acidity. The dressing always makes the dish so flavorful and delicious.


My go-to snack is homemade nut milk. My favorite base is Brazil nut milk (packed with selenium) with a variety of add ins. I'll add blue algae powder, a drop of peppermint extract/oil and some cacao nibs for a mint cacao chip version, or keep it simple with vanilla bean powder, cinnamon, cardamom and a drizzle of raw honey. I also love to snack on dried fruit and nuts. I've been loving nut butter stuffed dates with cacao nibs and sea salt. Another favorite combo is dried apricots with walnut butter and homemade granola.


Dinner is the most varied meal of the day. It really changes day by day, but a few times a week organic chicken, grass-fed lamb or beef served with a variety of veggies. I also love to make black rice or quinoa bowls with fermented kraut or kimchi and lots of veggies raw and roasted. Other nights, I'll make a big batch of sweet potatoes noodles with other veggies and a protein. In the winter, soup is often on the menu. I made a lot of stews this winter, either tomato or coconut milk based. In the summer, I tend to eat A LOT of salad and love to cook on our grill.

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