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7 Game-Changing Recipes to Make in Cast-Iron Cookware

January 24, 2019

What can cast iron do? Cast iron loyalists swear by its ability to crisp chicken, toast up cornbread, and add a caramelized sheen to tarte tatin.

But, when our test kitchen got their hands on the gorgeous new Triple Seasoned Collection from Lodge, the question changed to “What can’t cast iron do?” The newest innovative collection from Lodge is triple-seasoned, so it’s naturally nonstick, lighter weight (up to 25% lighter!), and is wildly durable (think: simmering tomato sauce — no problem!).

To celebrate the launch (and the fact that Williams Sonoma is the exclusive retail partner) we took a second look at some of our favorite cast iron recipes and updated them to make them even better. Yep, sometimes even the classics can benefit from a bit of innovative thinking.

Read on to get the recipes and click here to shop the new Triple Seasoned Collection from Lodge.

1. Shareable Chocolate Chip Cookie

Sure, you could make top-notch chocolate chip cookies and set them out for friends. You could. But you could also plop a still-warm skillet cookie on to a trivet, dollop a few scoops of vanilla ice cream on top, and watch everyone go wild for it.

2. Skillet Gluten-Free Fried Chicken

Because of its nonpareil heat-conducting properties, there’s nothing like cast-iron when it comes to making dreamboat fried chicken. This recipe is actually gluten-free, and shines thanks to a batter brimming with two cups of buttermilk and a generous dusting of smoked paprika. We love Lodge’s pan for this recipe because the triple seasoning keeps the chicken from sticking.

3. Skillet Rolls With Raspberry Jam

Nestled together as pretty as a picture, these skillet rolls remind us of how much cooler cast-iron cooking can be than baking in traditional bakeware. You can make these the night before you want to cook them and just pop the whole pan in the fridge. Drizzle the icing over the whole finished shebang and again, just serve in the pan. (Those high sides provide enough cover that you can sneak a second roll!)

4. Skillet Shakshuka

Nervous about making a tomato dish in cast-iron because of the acid in the ‘maters? Don’t be! When it’s this well-seasoned and well-cared for, it’s just the thing for making this easiest of easy egg dishes, shakshuka. (It’s the rare meal that guests love just as much for brunch as they do at dinner.)

5. Skillet Chicken Tagine

Do your searing and cooking all in one pan, to mesmerizing effect, with this chicken tagine. There’s nothing in the world like cast-iron for crisping up chicken and searing steaks. This recipe benefits from plenty of Mediterranean flavors like bright lemon and cracked green olives.

6. Skillet Pancetta-Chard Lasagna

Goodbye red sauce, hello bechamel. (But ooey-gooey melted cheese? You can stay.) Consider cast-iron for all your baked pasta moves, such as this chard-and-pancetta lasagna. When examining savory skillet recipes in general, look for the ones that allow you to do your searing in the skillet itself, removing ingredients or folding in new ones as you go. It’s a smart way of eliminating dishes.

7. Skillet Cornbread

A classic for a reason, skillet cornbread is the Platonic ideal of cornbread. The butter you use to grease the pan gives the dish itself a sort of sheen in every slice. This cornbread is particularly marvelous thanks to a spoonbread-like technique of pouring spicy honey over the entire thing, straight out of the oven. It packs serious heat, and is just the thing to serve alongside chili, fried chicken, or steak and a big green salad.

Is there anything cast-iron can’t do? Click here to shop the new Triple-Seasoned Collection from Lodge.