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50+ Mothers Day Messages for the Perfect Card

August 15, 2019

The mothers and mother figures in our lives are irreplaceable. They deserve to feel loved and appreciated all year long, but especially on Mothers Day. Whether you want to write a card for your mother or a great mom you know, there are many ways to express how you feel. Check out these examples of Mothers Day messages to inspire you to write the perfect note.

Mother’s Day messages from a daughter

She is the woman you look up to and aspire to be. Sometimes mother-daughter relationships can be complicated. Even though you may argue sometimes, your bond and love is deep.


Mom, I know that I dont say this enoughI love you. You are an amazing role model and I appreciate everything you do for our family and me.I am the luckiest girl in the world to have been raised by a woman like you. Truly, thank you for everything. I am who I am today because of you.Thank you for taking such good care of us. I know Im not always easy to deal with; for that I apologize. No matter what, I love you. Happy Mothers Day.Mom, as a little girl I looked up to you so much. Today, I still aspire and strive to live and love like you.

From a daughter who is a mom too

Mom, thank you for everything. I am finally beginning to understand the depth and breadth of everything that you did and continue to do for me. You are the best. I love you!Thank you for showing me how to be a great mom. Youve set the bar very high, but I will do my best to emulate what you taught me. I love you. Happy Mothers Day!

Mother’s Day messages from a son

She has always had your back. Let her know that you recognize that and cherish her. No matter how old you are, in her eyes you will always be her little boy.


Mom, you are the best! I am so lucky to have you as my mom. We appreciate everything that you do for usthank you.Thank you for all of the invaluable lessons youve taught me. I will carry these lessons with me for the rest of my life. Happy Mothers Day!I know I didnt always make it easy on you. Thank you for your patience and compassion. I am a better man because of you.You are amazing and appreciated. I dont know how you do it all. Im just happy that I have the best mom in the world!Mom, you are irreplaceable. I dont know what I would do without you! Happy Mothers Day. I hope you have a great day.Thank you for everything youve done for me. Thank you for always supporting me and my dreams. Thank you for being the best mom. I love you!

Mother’s Day messages for your friend

A Mothers Day card for a friend isnt always conventional, but it is completely appropriate and appreciated. Maybe you and your friend are experiencing motherhood together, or maybe your friend is a new mother or a hardworking single mom.


Happy First Mothers Day! You are doing a great job with your adorable [son/daughter]. I am so excited to see [babys name] grow up.You truly go above and beyond for your children. You are an inspiration. All of your hard work will pay off when they develop a work ethic like yours. Happy Mothers Day!Your children are lucky to have a mother like you, just as I am lucky to have a friend like you! Happy Mothers Day.

From one mom to another

No one understands being a mother like another mom. I am happy to be going on this journey of motherhood with my best friend by my side. Happy Mothers Day!From one mom to another, Happy Mothers Day. Kick back and relaxwe deserve it!I am so happy that I have you to share the experiences of motherhood with. Through the good and the bad, Ill always be there. Happy Mothers Day.

Mother’s Day messages for your wife

Your wife deserves a relaxing day full of love and appreciation. Make the mother of your children know that you love and appreciate everything that she does.


You are such an amazing mother and wife. Our children are so lucky to have you as their mother, and I am so blessed to be able to call you my wife.All of your hard work never goes unnoticed. I love and appreciate all that you do. You are the rock of this family, and I dont know what we would do without you.I could not have been blessed with a more amazing woman. Your strength and dedication inspires me everyday. I hope our kids grow up to be just as driven and strong as you are.Before we had children I thought that there was no way I could love you more. Raising children together has only magnified my love for you. Happy Mothers Day!To my beautiful wife: I know I dont always show it, but I appreciate you and your commitment to our family. Happy Mothers Dayyou deserve the best!I love how great of a mother you are. I love watching you play with our children. I love how smart, caring and beautiful you are. I love every part of you. Happy Mothers Day!

Funny Mothers Day messages

Depending on your moms sense of humor, a funny message could be perfect. Include a hilarious memory or embarrassing moment that will make her crack a smile. Just be sure to add a serious thank you or I love you in your card too.


Happy Mothers Day! I know that I am already the best gift you could receive, so didnt think it was necessary to get you anything. (Just kiddingyou deserve the world).Raising me was quite a feat. Congrats on hanging in there!Happy Mothers Day to my second most embarrassing parent!Remember when you caught me sneaking out that one time? I really learned my lesson… and made sure that I never got caught again. Thank you for teaching me to never give up.Happy Mothers Day! I am grateful because Im your child. I laugh because theres nothing you can do about it.

Mother’s Day Messages for your daughter or granddaughter

Time flies! Your daughter is now a mom. Maybe your granddaughter is blessing you with great grandbabies. Wish her a Happy Mothers Day and leave her with some sage mothering advice!


I am so proud of the woman and mother that you have become. My grandchildren are lucky to have you as their mama.Even though now my baby has a baby, you will always be my little girl. Happy Mothers Day! I am so proud of you.Happy Mothers Day, sweetie. Your father and I are thinking of you and our sweet grandbaby today.I hope you experience all of the joy and love that I experienced when I had you. I love you. Happy Mothers Day!Nothing makes me prouder than having you as a daughter. You are doing such a great job raising my grandbaby. I love you always and forever!

Mother’s Day messages for your second mom

Sometimes there is someone in your life who isnt your mom, but has impacted you in many positive ways. Show her some love on Mothers Day. Shell really appreciate it.

Thank you for being an ongoing source of love and support in my life. Happy Mothers Day!Youve been exactly like a mom to me. I cant thank you enough for being my confidant, shoulder to cry on and an amazing role model.Happy Mothers Day! Thank you for treating me like your own. I will be forever grateful for what youve done for me.Thank you for teaching me so much and helping me navigate lifes important decisions. I dont know what Id do without you in my life. Happy Mothers Day!Happy Mothers Day! I want to recognize you today and thank you for all of your love and care. It has made a huge impact on my life.

Mothers Day messages for every personality

Its easier to write a tailored message for your mom if you take her personality into account. There are a lot of different personality types, and shes most likely a combination. But weve boiled it down to five basic mother personalities.


The entertainer

She is the life of the party. Her house and pantry is always ready to throw an impromptu party. She loves seeing the people around her have a great time.

Happy Mothers Day to the woman who never ceases to amaze with her attention to detail and hard work. I love you, but let us throw you the party for once!Mom, you really are the life of our party. This home would be so boring without you! Happy Mothers Day!

The humanitarian

She always puts everyones needs before her own. She is quick to volunteer her time to help a charity or the PTA. She loves lending a helping hand.

Happy Mothers Day, Mom! You always put everyone elses needs before your own. Today we are putting you first. You deserve it!Mom, you have always inspired me to be a better person through your selflessness and service. The world is better place because of you. Happy Mothers Day!

The best friend

She treats you like a BFF, because you are her heart. You know that you can tell her anything, and she is always there to listen. She loves to spend time with you and have a good time.

Happy Mothers Day to my best friend. I am so lucky to have you as my mom. I wouldnt trade our relationship for anything, I love you!Thank you for always being there for me. Not only are you my mom, but youre my best friend. Happy Mothers Day. I love you!


The therapist

She may be more reserved, but her love for you is bold. She gives the best advice and always notices when you are upset. She loves spending a quiet evening with close friends and family.

I am so lucky to have been raised by such a thoughtful and caring woman. Theres nothing that I enjoy more than just spending time with you. Happy Mothers Day, Mom!Happy Mothers Day! Your gentle voice and sound advice has always been my anchor whenever Im upset. Thank you for listening and for being there when I need you. I love you!

The adventure seeker

Shes an adventurous soul who loves to try new things. Shes in her happy place on family vacations and weekend trips. She loves when you agree to try that trendy yoga class or new restaurant with her.

You have the gift of turning anything into an adventure. Thank you for making my childhood so active and fun. I am blessed to have you as my mother!Thank you for giving me your eyes and your love of travel! Your vivacity and enthusiasm always amaze me. I love you. Happy Mothers Day!

What to write in a Mothers Day card

In addition to the messages above, you should make sure to personalize the message and fill up her card with love, because that is what she deserves. If you need some help getting started, here are some tips on what to write in a Mothers Day card.

Make sure she knows you love and appreciate her – She works hard and deserves many accolades.Make it personal – This is especially important when youre writing a card to someone that youre close to. She deserves authentic and thoughtful sentiments.Add fond memories – Remind her of some of your favorite memories together. Shell love the blast from the past.Map it out – Have a plan of what you want to write before you write it on the actual card. This will help you avoid squeezing sentences in at the very bottom of the card.Showcase your talents – If you are a good artist, create your own cover art. If you are a good poet, write her a sweet poem. Shell love it because you created it, and shell also appreciate the extra effort.Use your best handwriting – We may not all have beautiful calligraphy-like handwriting but try your best. At the very least, make sure its legible!Show your love in the signature?– Love always, Yours truly, Your daughter/son, Xoxo, Love you, and With love are all appropriate. Try Your favorite child, if you want to be cheeky. If you are far apart, Always missing you or Wish I could be with you today, will suffice. Make sure your closing matches her personality.

A card is the perfect way to show your mom that you care. Whether its hand-delivered or sent through snail mail, make sure it gets to her on time! When it comes to a Mothers Day gift, personalization is a great option. It shows your mom that your gift is thoughtful and it makes her feel special!