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40 Sympathy Messages: What to Write in a Sympathy Card

April 22, 2019

Sympathy cards are never easy to write. Many times there isnt anything that really addresses the pain that those in mourning are experiencing. But sending them a message of support and love may help them through an important part of their coping process. To help you get started, weve included 40 sympathy messages and 15 ways to sign a sympathy card below.

Sympathy messages for the loss of a mother

A mothers love is irreplaceable. Mothers have tight bonds with their sons and daughters, giving advice, providing support and warmth, as well as unconditional love. Losing a mother is never easy to deal with.

Your mother always brightened my day when I came over to your house. She was so kind to me and treated me like one of her own. I will forever remember her kindness and compassion.Your moms loving and warm energy was contagious. I will miss her dearly!Ive never met anyone like your mom. Her selflessness and sweet caring personality will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her.My deepest condolences for your loss. Even though I didnt know her, I always heard so many wonderful things about your mother. Her memory lives on through you.Your mother was such an amazing person. She continually inspired me with her spirit and her fierce love for her children. I know that she loved you so much!

mom daughter hugging

Sympathy messages for the loss of a father

A fathers love is something truly special. He is their protector and does anything and everything for his children and family. Many times he is a best friendlosing a father is a huge loss.

I am so sorry for your loss! A fathers love is something extraordinary. Your bond with him was so special.Your dad was one of the funniest people Ive ever met. There wasnt a person alive that he couldnt make smile. What a man! He will be dearly missed.Your father was a very special person. He was so proud of you and loved you with his whole heart. I see so much of him in you.Even though I didnt know your father, I heard time and time again that he was an amazing man. My deepest sympathies for your loss.Your father was one of the most loving and caring people that I knew. I feel blessed to have known him and you were blessed to have such an incredible man as your father. He loved you so much and he lives on through you.

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Sympathy messages for the loss of a husband or wife

The loss of a spouse is something that is incredibly hard to deal with. Many times the grieving spouse has to be strong for their children and act as a counselor while they are still grieving themselves. Nothing really prepares you for the loss of a soulmate.

Your husband was such a loving person and an amazing father. We will miss him so much. Please let us know if we can help out in any way.I am so sorry for your loss. Your marriage was inspiration and a physical manifestation of true love.Your love for each other was so amazing and your bond was so deep. My deepest condolences. She really loved you with every inch of her heart and soul.Even back in high school, we all knew that you were meant for each other. I cant imagine what you are going through right now, but I am always here for you if you need anything.My condolences for the loss of your husband and best friend. He was such an amazing and loving person. We will all miss him and we join with you in keeping his wonderful memory alive.

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Sympathy messages for the loss of a child

This is the hardest type of card to write. No parent should ever have to experience this type of loss. The parents need your support during this time. It is important to include happy memories of their child that they can hold close to their heart.

My deepest condolences. Nothing can compare to the bond that you shared with your son. He looked up to you so much.Your daughter was an absolute joy and light in my life. I am so lucky to have known her.No words that I can think of will suffice right now. I am thinking of you and your family and sending love and my deepest condolences.Your son was such a positive force to be reckoned with. His energy and love of his friends and family was contagious.I am so sorry for your loss. My heart aches for your family. Your sweet child never failed to make me smilewhat a beautiful soul!

friends comforting each other

Sympathy messages for the loss of a friend

Losing a friend is a very trying experience. Many times the friend is like a family member and the loss is just as painful. Be there for your them as they cope with their loss.

Sending you love and wishing for your peace during this hard time.I know that (friends name) was like a brother to you. He loved you so much too! I am sorry for this tremendous loss.I am so sorry to hear about your friends passing. She will be missed dearly.No one can replace (friends name). My thoughts and love are with you.Your bond was so tight and your love for each other was deep. May his memory live on through you.

family comforting child

Sympathy messages for the loss of a pet

Pets are an integral part of many families. They bring love and happiness along with a friendly and sweet energy. The loss of a pet often feels like losing a member of the family.

I am sorry for your loss. Pets are a real member of the family. (Pets name) will be dearly missed!Your sweet dog brought so much joy to everyone she encountered. I will always remember the cute way she cocked her head when she was confused.(Pets name) was such a special cat. I have still never seen a cat as funny and sweet as yours.I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved (pet name). I could tell she adored you by the way she looked up at you with her big eyes.My condolences for the loss of your sweet (pet name), his vivacious memory will live in my heart.

purple bouquet

Sympathy message for flowers

Sending flowers shows that you are thinking of the grieving family or person. They can offer a little brightness and color during a very dark time in someones life. The messages that you include with the flowers should be short and thoughtful.

Sending my love to you during this difficult time.My deepest condolences! Words cannot express the pain of your loss.Thinking of you and your family.Please accept these flowers as a symbol of my love and prayers.With unending love and support.

Short condolence card messages

A short condolence card message is an appropriate way to show your support. Many times youve said all that you needed to say in person or maybe you just dont know them well enough. Make sure that these messages are sincere and match your situation.

Thinking of you as you celebrate (name)s exceptional life.I am so sorry for your loss. Sending hugs, love, and prayers.I had the great pleasure of working with your mother for 16 years. She will be dearly missed.My deepest condolences as you remember (name).I feel so blessed to have known your dad. My deepest sympathies for your loss.

stationary and flowers

What to include in a sympathy card


Condolence messages are a way to recognize someones lossthey express your sympathy or or sorrow. Typically these are shorter messages such as Im so sorry for your loss. Sending all my love!

Fond Memories

The main focus of your card should be on pleasant memories of your loved one.. Include any memorable stories that others may have forgotten about such as, I remember back in high school when

Including your connection to the deceased is also important if you dont know the surviving family members. They will appreciate you reaching out. They will also love seeing how many people their loved one affected, as well as the memories of them that they never knew about.

Focus on their positive traits

Include positive traits or skills that stood out to you. The more specific you can get the better, because specific traits and skills will trigger more great memories or simply remind them how much this person loved them. If they led an amazing and long life, include that as well as their achievements.

Send Love

Sending your love and thoughts is like a hug within a card. Sending prayers is great too, just make sure you understand their religious beliefs.

Show your support and offer to help

Make a sincere and specific offer to help them and their family out if you can. Sometimes people will need help picking up their children or grocery shopping. Another kind gesture is an offer to bring them over a meal so they dont have to deal with the stress of cooking. A persons favorite meal can be very comforting during a sad time.


How you sign the card will vary based on your relationship with the loved one and your relationship to the person who is grieving. Below are some examples of how to sign your sympathy card.

girl writing letter

How to sign a sympathy card

Signing your sympathy card all depends on how well you knew the person who passed and the person to whom you are writing the card to. Wrap up your sentiments in a warm and sincere way that matches the tone of your card.

With heartfelt sympathy,With deepest sympathy,With sincere condolences,My condolences,My heart goes out to you,Deepest condolences,Thinking of your family,Thinking of you during this sad time,With love during this hard time,Sharing in your sadness,With warm thoughts and love,Wishing you peace and strength,With love and prayers,God bless you and your family,Keeping you in our prayers,

Whatever the situation is, a sympathy card will be greatly appreciated during difficult times. Make sure that you follow through with your offers to help. It is also a good idea to follow up with the family during the weeks and months that follow their loss, but dont overwhelm them if they require space and time.

Consider sending the family flowers or a gift to brighten their day. Just be there for them when they need you. Dont worry too much about the contents of your card, if you write through your heart they will feel your love and support.