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10 Healthy, Fast Back-to-School Breakfast Ideas

March 22, 2017

With the start of the school year, mornings now call for quick, easy breakfast ideas. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to mean reaching for doughnuts every day. Below are 10 quick, easy and healthy breakfast dishes that are great for kids and adults alike, and feature lean protein, fresh fruit, whole grains and more. 

The Idea: Coconut Quinoa Porridge

Time Commitment: 30 minutes

Quinoa makes a delicious alternative to oatmeal for breakfast. In this recipe, it's cooked with coconut milk and then topped with two kinds of fruit plus almond butter, nuts, fruit and coconut chips for a satisfying morning meal.


The Idea: Egg Sandwiches with Wilted Spinach

Time Commitment: 35 minutes

This egg sandwich is quick enough to assemble for weekday mornings; baking the eggs instead of frying them adds to the ease.

The IdeaWhole-Wheat Farina with Berry Swirl

Time Commitment: 15 minutes

A bright berry sauce swirled into creamy whole-wheat cereal is a sublime alternative to oatmeal. Serve this dish with a splash of milk and a sprinkle of turbinado sugar, if you like.

The Idea: Havana-Style Eggs

Time Commitment: 25 minutes

In this simple Cuban classic, baked eggs are nestled in a thick, savory sauce of peppers and tomatoes, topped with butter and a heady drizzle of sherry.

The IdeaToasted Breakfast Sandwich

Time Commitment: 25 minutes

Made with crispy bacon, fried eggs and cheddar cheese, this sandwich is perfect for quick morning meals. Fresh arugula cuts through the richness and adds a peppery note.

The Idea: Muesli with Almonds, Coconut and Dried Fruit

Time Commitment: 25 minutes

Spend less than half an hour on a Sunday night to make muesli, and you’ve got breakfast for the rest of the week! This mixture of rolled oats, dried fruit and nuts gets even more whole-grain heft from puffed brown rice and bran flakes.

The Idea: Mango-Melon Smoothie

Time Commitment: 5 minutes

The flavors of orange, mango and melon shine in this sunny orange smoothie. Buy pre-diced melon, and you’ll shave a few more minutes off your prep time in the morning.

The Idea: Savory Oatmeal

Time Commitment: 25 minutes

Cooked like rice porridge or polenta with savory flavorings, oatmeal can be a filling, healthy breakfast. Try serving it topped with a fried egg and a smidgeon of smoked trout for protein.

The Idea: Breakfast Bowl with Fresh Fruit and Granola

Time Commitment: 10 minutes

Jump on the smoothie bowl bandwagon by whipping up and extra-thick smoothie, designed to be eaten with a spoon. The mixture is poured into a bowl and topped with fruit, nuts and more for extra variety and crunch.

The IdeaBaked Oatmeal

Time Commitment: 50 minutes

Spend an hour or less baking oatmeal for the week, then enjoy it all week long. This no-fuss baked oatmeal comes together quickly and allows for endless variations to make it your own; try substituting different berries or nuts. Leftovers reheat nicely.

What’s your go-to weekday breakfast? Share your routine with us in the comments below.